This boldly patterned male Adder fresh from hibernation, basks in the March morning sun.  Within a few weeks of emerging from hibernation the males shed their skin to reveal their high-contrast mating colours ready to compete with each other for mating rights as the females emerge from hibernation usually four weeks after the males.







Although Adders are ground-dwelling snakes they like most snakes are very competent climbers. There is a superb photographic account on Facebook from 2019 of an Adder climbing a tree and entering the hollow tree through a small hole to invade the nest of a Blue Tit. The snake then emerges with a Blue Tit in its jaws. The Adder then takes its prey to the ground before swallowing it.  See account here.







During the Spring the male  Adders take on their 'mating colours' and are normally seen in light grey / silver with highly contrasting black zig-zag markings.




This Adder is showing the typical blue colouring of the transparent scale that covers the eye shortly before the snake sloughs its skin. This scale is sometimes shed first and then the rest of the skin is shed as one complete slough. 


 These snake photos were taken using the Canon 40D Camera and Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L  Macro IS USM lens 

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