Rose Sawfly larva  -  (Arge ochropus / pagana)
Large Rose Sawfly  -  (Arge ochropus / pagana)

Rose Sawfly are black in colour with a yellow / orange abdomen and grow to around 10mm in length as adults. The larvae feed on both wild and cultivated roses and can cause serious damage to the rose plant. The adult uses its saw tail to cut a slit in the stem of the rose plant and lay its eggs. As they grow the stem splits open. The larvae emerge and immediately start feeding on the leaves on the rose plant. Larvae can grow to 20-25mm in length. The larvae of both species Arge ochropus / pagana are very difficult to distinguish.

Common Red Soldier Beetle  (Rhagonycha fulva)
Common Red Soldier Beetle  (Rhagonycha fulva)
A common and widespread beetle found across the UK and growing to around 1cm in length. Adults are usually seen from June to August on wild flowers. They feed on nectar and pollen but will also predate on other small insects visiting the flower. This beetle is harmless to humans but is often mistakenly feared by children and called the "Bloodsucker" because of its bright red appearance. The larvae live at the base of long grass and feed on small insects and other invertebrate such as slugs. There are around 40 different species of Soldier Beetle in the UK with varying combinations of red, black and orange colouration.

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