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In April 2020 I was contacted by Hat-Trick Design and as a result the 2020 Royal Mail Yearbook will feature an in-depth article on the life-cycle of the Elephant Hawk Moth which will now be accompanied by my image of an Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar and my Elephant Hawk Moth pupa image.

Every year Royal Mail produce a Yearbook to showcase the release of their special postage stamps for that year. The yearbooks are of a very high quality and the limited edition 2019 leather-bound books sell for £226, with the regular editions selling for £176. The design and production of these Yearbooks for Royal Mail is tasked to the design company Hat-Trick Design Consultants, who are also responsible for the design of many of Royal Mail's postage stamps.

The Yearbooks can be purchased here:  Royal Mail Shop

In February and March 2020 I was contacted by several international writers / reporters asking for permission to use my Glow Worm image to accompany articles on Fireflies / Glow Worms and how these amazing insects are suffering due to light pollution, loss of habitat and use of pesticide across the world. The initial story was reported by Tufts University,  Massachusetts and this and subsequent articles and stories were picked up by dozens of news publishers around the world which all used my image. Here are just a few:

Video produced by Tufts University, Massachusetts associated with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

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